If your company relies on overhead lifting devices to move your product through the shop and out the door, you need a lifting device resource that provides the quality products, individualized service, and large inventory to keep you running at peak productivity. You need ASC Industries.
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Alloy Sling Chain

ASC Industries (known as Alloy Sling Chain) started in 1970. Most of the business was surrounded by the steel and related industries. ASC was well known for the ability to fabricate fully welded chain slings that were very large in diameter for lifting applications in Steel plants. To this day, ASC Industries is one of 2 or 3 that continues to make welded chain slings for clients throughout the USA. As ASC grew, they decided to continue to diversify and became one the largest distribution centers under one roof for carrying several constructions of wire rope for a broad range of industries. Large companies like Caterpillar, Commonwealth Edison (now Exelon, one of the largest utility companies in the country), Alcoa and other industries were part of the portfolio. ASC Industries became a major provider of custom lifting devices for customers throughout the country and a Slingmax Twin-Path franchise provides many industries we cater to with new technology for lifting . Our company continued to grow and getting more involved with the construction industry. Our business philosophy included continuous training to our clients on safe operating practices using the products we provide. In 2003 we signed an agreement that turned our company into an exclusive distributor in the USA for one of the most prestigious High Performance Engineered Rope Companies in the world, Python Wire Rope. We were now ASC Industries Python America. One of our proud moments was the lifting of the spheres with the Slingmax Twin-Path slings on top of the Freedom Tower in New York City with our East Coast Python dealer, The Bilco Group. Our Python Rope was also on the tower crane that made that historic lift (you can see on YouTube). Presently we are grateful to our employees that have been with us over the years to help us be one of the largest Rigging and Fabrication facility under one roof. With 130, 000 square feet and 4000 tons of rope, we are committed to being a platform for our customers in the lifting, turning, positioning, and securement business.

Over 3000 tons of general purpose and high performance wire rope.

Comprehensive engineering solutions for all your custom below the hook lifting devices.

Inspection and testing services on all slings, hoists, wire rope, chain, and below the hook lifting devices.

We manufacture a wide variety of high performance Slingmax products.

Python Wire Rope: ASC Industries is the exclusive US distributor of high-performance Python wire rope.

Lift Solutions is a proud recipient of the Longevity Award from the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association.

SC&RA is an international organization comprised of more than 1,350 members from 46 nations.

SC&RA’s Longevity Awards are presented to member companies for their longtime support and dedication to the Association and its mission.

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