Sling Max Funnel


TPXC This is our best synthetic sling. It is made with K-Spec® high performancefibers, and it has a bulked nylon outer cover (Covermax®) that is very abrasion resistant. These are made in sizes up to 500,000 lbs. vertical rated capacity. Extra Heavy Duty Covermax® is used on 40,000 lb. vertical capacity and higher. All of these slings have overload tell-tails, inner red cover, and are used worldwide in place of chain and wire rope slings for heavy lifts. Also, they are repairable. They have fiber optics for inspection. The Twin-Path® patented design provides the rigger with redundant protection in the event that one path is cut. These slings have 1% stretch at rated capacity and are made in matched lengths. These slings conform to ASME B30.9 Chapter six, US Navy NAVFAC P-307 Section 14, and CI 1905-07. The safety and inspection features found only in Twin-Path® products were created to overcome shortfalls riggers found in single path roundslings.
US Patent #5,651,572 & #7,661,737
CA #2,195,393 & #2,547,632
                        EP #0785163 & #1899255 Japan #2929431
                        Australia #707924


The Check-Fast® System is designed to improve job-site safety. The Check-Fast® Tag and External Warning Indicator (EWI) on a roundsling product provides for a pass/fail inspection of the internal load bearing core yarn. Damage to the core yarn from fiber on fiber abrasion, fatigue, and severe overload can be detected. If the sling is mistakenly loaded beyond rated capacity, the EWI will disappear before the sling fails. If the sling cover is intact, the Check-Fast® Tag and EWI visible, the sling may be used for another lift. This safety system is available for polyester or High Performance K-Spec® Fiber Roundslings fabricated by authorized SLINGMAX® Dealers.
US Patent #7,661,737
CA #2,547,632 EP #1899255


This tool is an aid to finding the center of gravity. When the load is lifted the ring moves over the COG to balance and level the object. We developed this tool in conjunction with riggers in the field for lifting objects with uneven geometric proportions or off center balance points. The Twin-Path® Sling may be permanently attached to the ring, or in the field using a G-Link™ for the connection. The G-Link™ or the permanent attachment keeps the slings in the same plane as the ring which is the ideal form of connection.
US Patent #5,651,572 CA #2,195,393
EP #0785163 Japan #2929431
Australia #707924


These adjustable bridles are designed to give a level lift of military aircraft (nose to tail), regardless of whether the aircraft is “slick” or has attached armaments, fuel in the tanks, or missing parts. They are an excellent tool in recovery situations, even if the crew does not have the option of first removing fuel or attachments. The bridles are complete with all necessary fittings to rig to the original equipment airframe lifting adapters and are lightweight enough for one person to carry the bridle.
US Patent #5,651,572 CA #2,195,393
EP #0785163 Japan #2929431
                        Australia #707924


SE When you have a hot environment up to 300°F, use a Sparkeater® to lift the load without marring the surface of the lifted piece. Also, when doing stage rigging order this product for the protection it gives from exposure to fire, heat, sparks and pyrotechnics. Just specify black color for the theater or yellow for all other applications. These slings are made with Aramid high performance core yarns. Available in capacities of 2,000 to 90,000 lbs. When lifting heated steel, wire rope or chain slings might scratch the load causing expensive rework. Fire exposure testing was performed by London Scientific and the product was identified as being as good as wire rope or chain for use in off-shore applications in the oil industry.


SPXC This is our newest round sling. The Check-Fast® Inspection System was developed specifically for this sling. The core is K-Spec® high performance fiber, and it has a bulked nylon outer cover (Covermax®) that is very abrasion resistant. These are made in sizes up to 100,000 lbs. vertical rated capacity.Every SPXC sling comes with the patented Check-Fast® Inspection System, the newest innovation from Slingmax® Rigging Solutions.
US Patent #7,661,737 CA #2,547,632
                        EP #1899255


This is the only single-path, polyester roundsling with an overload indicator. Fiber optic inspection is optional. The SPCF sling has a Covermax® cover – the most durable available for a syntheticsling.


EE This product is made to be an eye and eye sling only. Usually an eye andeye sling is made from a round sling with a sleeve over it to form the eyes at each end. It can be manufactured using either K-Spec® core yarn or polyester. Riggers have told us that they have some applications where they want an eye and eye sling only and this is the one with all of the Twin-Path® features in a strictly eye and eye product.
US Patent #5,727,833
US Patent #5,651,572 CA #2,195,393
EP #0785163 Japan #2929431
                        Australia #707924


TL Simply the lightest and strongest synthetic bridles in the world today.These are perfect to replace existing chain and wire rope bridles. The Twin-Path®synthetic bridle with K-Spec® core yarn is less than half the weight of any steelassembly and is the ergonomic bridle of the future, here today. The loop at thetop goes on the crane hook and there is no heavy steel ring to deal with. If you need a four leg bridle just order two Twin-Path® Two Leg bridles. Capacities to 200,000 lbs. Please specify the loop size at the top and the hardware such as hooks required on the bottom of each leg. The hooks can be removable if they are attached withcouplers such as G-LinksTM. This gives the Twin-Path® Two Leg Bridle added versatility on the job.
US Patent #5,651,572 CA #2,195,393
EP #0785163 Japan #2929431 Australia #707924