Python wire rope provides the ropes for all types of cranes. Overhead cranes, mobile cranes, tower cranes, and crawler cranes.

Wire rope , also referred as ” crane cables” come in many constructions.  PYTHON has developed and designed the High Performance German Ropes for all types of cranes based on lifting applications and environments the cranes are used. The  true non rotating  rope design  Compac 35 and DynamiQ  are for long lifts over 100 plus feet on load and hoist lines  The reason for  this construction is to resist block twisting and also have the desired breaking strength recommended by the mobile, crawler and tower crane manufacturers.  Regarding  winch systems, rope constructions are designed  for high strength pulling and lifting with abrasion resistance and fatigue resistance. Python High Performance Rope used on overhead  cranes are designed  for long life duty cycles since majority of these cranes are continually lifting and lowering  products.  Lubrication for Python ropes when manufactured are vital to the performance of our ropes and resist against  heat, abrasion , fatigue and corrosion.  Many of the Python Ropes have a  coated core  and act as a reservoir for the lubricant as well as a deterrent to internal abrasion.  The compacted ( force pac) design helps resist  against crushing on multiple layer drums and also better steel on steel contact with the sheaves.  Several  of the Python High Performance Ropes have 8 to 10 strands that show longer lasting life on overhead cranes and boom hoist ropes. Regarding the lay of the rope, Python provides both lays based on the reeving system on a crane. Also Python provides both metric and imperial diameters for all types of cranes. Python ropes are made in Germany.  The synergy includes all the Steel rod , wire, and stranding to make the ropes are completed in Germany.  ASC Industries out of East Hazelcrest Illinois has close to 4000 tons of wire rope and is the exclusive Python distributor throughout the USA, Mexico and Central America.