Rigging Training & Safety Courses

ASC maintains a skilled staff of mechanical engineers to design custom lifting solutions for its clients. Their expertise along with the craftsmanship of experienced welders and fabricators makes ASC the number one choice for high-quality lifting devices.

ASC utilizes Auto Cad software for its design tools and works on an approval drawing basis to ensure customer’s specifications are met. All fabricated lifting devices are manufactured to ASME 30.20 2010 standards. The lifting devices are also proof tested prior to shipment and are designed with a 3 to 1 safety factor.

ASC performs a variety of analysis techniques including: finite element analysis, traditional analysis, calculations and material analysis. ASC can also provide site surveys, reverse engineering, and process development.

Rigging Fundamentals

Sling Inspection and Removal Criteria

Sling Inspection and Removal Criteria

Rigging Inspection and Removal Criteria

Load Securement

Rigging Application

Sling Application

Block Inspection

Block Application