ASC is a licensed manufacturer of SLINGMAX® and the SLINGMAX® product line. The SLINGMAX® Organization is a worldwide team of 42 full-service locations which fabricate the most advanced rigging products on the market today. SLINGMAX® Rigging “Solutions” include Twin-Path® Extra Slings with K-SPEC® Core Yarn, capable of lifting up to 600 tons each. K-SPEC® Core Yarn is so abrasion resistant that it exceeds catalog breaking strength after 50,000 cycles! Along with the High Performance Synthetic Slings and Multi-part Wire Rope Slings as a SLINGMAX® manufacturer/dealer we also offer a full line of SLINGMAX® rigging products. For safety, quality, durability and the lowest true “cost of use” in innovative rigging equipment – SLINGMAX® is your SOLUTION and ASC is YOUR SLINGMAX® MID WEST Licensed Manufacturer!

ASC is an ISO 9001 certified company with over 75 employees, 12 outside sales people, along with our site in the Chicago suburbs we also have branch offices and distribution sites in Iowa and Maryland. Over 150,000 square feet, a test bed capacity to 250T, presses to 1500T, 2 Twin-Path® machines, and 4 sewing machines.


SLINGMAX® is an association of independently owned and operated rigging products manufacturers. Our common bond is our license to manufacture SLINGMAX® Rigging Products. Representing nearly 2000 employees, over 300 sales professionals, sales of over a half a billion dollars, over a hundred locations in over two million square feet we know and can solve your rigging problems and needs.

Our synthetic solutions include our Twin-Path® slings, our sling protection CornerMax® cut protector and our Synthetic Armor Pad. We know there is a large demand for other rigging, whether it is steel or synthetic, SLINGMAX® has products for all types of rigging. Our wire rope sling designs are the best performing multipart wire rope slings available. They include Gator-Max®, Gator-Laid®, Gator-Flex®, T&D Ultra-Flex and Tri-Flex®. Our G-Link™ connectors work with all synthetic slings as do our CornerMax® cut protectors and Synthetic Armor Pads. For a versatile and adjustable chain sling, we recommend our Chain Sling Saddle Ring. Our Pad Eye tester can accommodate a variety of lifting points. More importantly to you our customer, is that SLINGMAX® has a worldwide network of dealers: 45 rigging fabrication locations and over 80 sales branches. These dealers manufacture and distribute the best rigging products in a location near you. Our SLINGMAX®rigging products, plus our SLINGMAX® full-service rigging network, equal SLINGMAX® RIGGING SOLUTIONS the best in rigging.


A. Twin-Path® Extra Covermax Slings

  1. Can a Twin-Path® be used in a fitting or trunnion which is less than the slings width?

    Yes, A Twin-Path® Sling can fit spaces half of their catalog width with no reduction in capacity. More info…

  2. What pin diameter or hardware diameter is ok with a Twin-Path® Sling?

    Slings used with fittings shall be compatible with the fittings used. The lifting capacity shall be rated at the lower of the sling or fitting. Fitting openings shall be of the proper shape and size to assure that the sling will seat properly.

  3. What happens if oil or gasoline gets on my Twin-Path® Sling?

    Hydrocarbons and oils do not affect the performance of any Twin-Path® sling.

  4. Is there a way to shorten a synthetic sling’s length?

    G-Link Connectors can be used to shorten the length or reach of a synthetic sling. More info…

  5. What about stretch? I’ve seen loads bounce with synthetic slings.

    At rated capacity, nylon slings will stretch up to 15%. Round slings made with polyester will stretch 3%. Braided Polyester slings will stretch 9%. Twin-Path® Extra Slings w/ K-Spec® core yarn stretch less than 1% at rated capacity. More info… (pdf format, see note below)

  6. If a synthetic round sling has one interior core yarn which has been damaged or cut, can it still be used if the sling’s capacity is de-rated?

    NO! Roundslings that suffer damage to the load bearing cores must be removed from service. These slings shall be destroyed to prevent inadvertent use.